We are a BOND ONLY agency with 30 years experience located here in Atlanta, Georgia, right in the heart of the southeast’s hub for surety bond companies. This means we have strong relationships with our underwriters. We see them all the time and know who they are. We’re not just a number to them. You are not just a number to us.
Remember, we’re your SAFE choice when you need a surety bond.


We pride ourselves on service, service and service. A bond is a bond, and the way we differentiate ourselves from other agents is our service. You are important to us. We know you depend on us. We strive to get back to you the very same day you call or email.

All bonds

We write almost every bond that can be written out there. Because of this, we’re your one stop shop for ALL of your bonding needs. Why would you go to your local agent for some bonds and to us for others? Keep it simple and come to us first. If you have existing bonds elsewhere, don’t worry. We can walk you through the process of Agent of Recording to transfer them to us so we can consolidate your business. We do it every day. It’s much easier than you think.

Family Owned

We have been family owned since we started. We know most of our clients are family owned businesses, too, that work hard each and every day to get the job done. We are just like you. We strive to treat each one of our customers as if they are family. We develop a personal connection with you and work harder than anyone to get you what you need.


Our underwriters have 15 to 40 years' experience in the surety bonding industry. We can’t say we’ve seen it all, but we're pretty close. We are forward thinking underwriters who keep our pulse on the industry. We know which surety company is going to give you the best deal at the time of your submission.